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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 31, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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3 if you received several speed camera tickets in the mail... listen up.there could be a mist. mistake.we've learned that some people caught speeding in the city.. have been tickkted twice for the same violation. megan gilliland is here with a story you're seeing first on fox. good morning guys,here's how to know if you're one of the victims..if you received two speeding tickets in the mail recently... right here in the city... you could beeone of the 600 people out there... wrongfully ticketed. we questioned the department of transportation about the mistakes.while d-o-t officials promise that anyone who paid a duplicate ticket will get their money back... it adds to a growing list of problems. just last month... we reported
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that 8-thousand speeding tickets issued... showed drivers traveling the opposite direction of what they were going. 7:19:26this is a 1% problem we have with cameras and each and every time we identify a problem it is immediately fixed fixeddespite those problems... the department of transportation says the cameras are improving safety. they are planning a way to get a hold of victims of the recent you'll be notified... and when... coming up next half hour.megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 the self described maryland "joker".. has yet to be charged this morning... even though police say neil prescott threatened to kill as many people as possible.. and had the weapons to do it. police found dozens of weapons inside neil prescott's crofton apartment last week. prescott became a person of interest after he phoned in threats at his former workplace.right now.. prescott is currently undergoing a mental health evaluation... at a hospital. &plegal experts ssy charges hav
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not been filed because the government is being careful. 34:04 to make sure they bring the right charges and most provable charges. the last thing you want to do is bring charges and not have it stick in a case like this. so i think the prosecutor is working closely with the police both at the state and federal level to decide what charges are appropriate what they can prove and it's not a that clear in a case like this 3 :23police say during prescott's phoned- in threats he described his plan in gory detail.but until more is known about prescotts mind-set at the time.... prosescutors will likely continue to hold off of filing any charges. police are still searching for the man who abducted the mother of ácal ripken juniorá. juniorá.ripken's mother was taken at gunpoint last week and driven around in her lincoln town car for 24-hours... before she was returned near her home. police released a photo of the suspect and say it has led to numerous tips.... but the investigation continues this morning.
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that sinkhole in east baltimore... is now bigger! bigger!we went back to monument street and this is what it looks like...the hole first opened up on wednesday. public works director foxx says water was shut off because sewer lines may have been damaged.businesses have been shut down since the sinkhole opened up and they say information from the city is slow. iq: i'm feeling messed upoq: still gotta support our family familyit may take about 9 days to stabilize it and... traffic on monument street remains blocked until repairs are complete. everything is back to normal this morning after a gas leak in locust point. point. b-g-e says they have fixed the rupture near hull and howbert streets after a contractor broke the gas main. for safety reasons the area was evacuated early monday...but residents were allowed to return a few hours later. new hope for a neighborhood riddled with crime and vacant housing.
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housing. we told you last week about the efforts of community activist herman pittman to revive his west baltimore neighborhood. pittman fought for years to rid his community near west north avenue of drug dealers. monday they broke ground on a new housing project that'll house dozens of families in newly built apartments. the mayor says it's all part of a plan to rebuild the area and show residents that progress is happening. 7:01:37"each time we break ground on a project together we are sending a strong message that people and businesses are investing in baltimore again." again."the project will include 64 new apartments.the city says it will be completed in june of next year. the doctor found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in michael jackson's death... is asking an appeals court to re-test the evidence.lawyers for conrad murray filed a motion monday.they're asking to order a test of residue found in a bottle of anesthetic propofol... that
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jackson was hooked up to when he died... in hopes of overturning his conviction. murray is currently serving a 4-year prison sentence. a chicago clothing store owner is using social media to fight back... after a flash mob walked in... and started stealing items. items.the owner posted this video on youtube... hoping to catch the criminals who allegedly stole 3-thousand dollars worth of designer jeans. you can see the group walking in the store in wicker park.... in a calm, coordinated fashion.the teens then search through the jeans and began stuffing them into their book bags. "they kind of knew what they wanted to take and they went for it so we weren't prepared at all obviously. they very quickly overwhelmed us" us"the owner says since encountered several shoplifting incidents. a georgia woman who survived cancer twice... is now battling something doctors belief she got from her dog. and it's already cost her ...her hands and feet. feet.since the age of
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18...hannah rinehart has been battling and beating cancer. now at age 32 ... she's back in the hospital again...fighting a rare type of bacteria found in ádog salivaá.the bacteria caused rinehart to develop circulation problems...forcing doctors to amputate her hands and feet. but her husband says... this will not get her down. "she's got a passion for living. she was grateful for every day she had after that and she's oing to be grateful for every day she has after this. "ádoctors believe she got the infection from the saliva of their new puppy. the drought...hitting maryland. should be about a foot long, something like that that what it will be doing to your wallet... during the next two our cover story. story. why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now?
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a public marriage proposal go wrong.but in great falls, montana... that's exactly what happened.a man named greg was ready to propose to his girlfriend erica during a baseball game... through a scoreboard message in the middle of the 5th inning. inning.the problem was... erica went to grab some drinks... and missed it!after several more minutes... he waits for the right moment to pop the question.and luckily... she says yes.
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the price increases you can expect this year from the droug. drought...and the ones coming ánext yearáin our cover story... next. next.and later in sports.. dennis pitta might have a broken hand...when john harbaugh hopps to have his tight end back on the field. ((bump out))
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3 even though we got a little rain in baltimore yesterday... it's not nearly enough to get us out of this drought government officials say the drought hitting 72 percent of the nation's farms will likely affect grocery prices... this year... and next.emily schmidt reports on how it's affecting crops in maryland. maryland. in a rural corner of maryland... it's the right place ... the wrong time... to live off the land. sunnyside road--- yeah it's been sunnyside too much this year. too much sun... too little rain... for too long... tommy bowles' crops are the worst he's had in more than 40 years
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of farming. you seen anything worse than this? i've never seen anything. i heard my father talking about i think 1948 or something like that. his corn is dry, shriveled, and hurting. it should be about a foot long-- it's usually about 42 grains long, and this one it's 8 long.the damage stretches across the country. the us department of agriculture estimates 2/3 of all crops are now affected by at least moderate drought. when did it start looking bad? we started here about the... the third week of june.bowles has federal crop insurance-- but at best, he'll break even. so he won't hire the six extra workers he usually gets at harvest, and they won't be the only ones paying the price. corn prices are fed all the way up to the supermarket into retail prices. usda economist ricky volpe says the drought shouldn't cause historic levels of food inflation, but shoppers will see a price increase this year. we expect to see poultry prices to go up
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3.5 to 4.5 percent, beef prices looking to another 3.5 to 4.5 percent, pork prices we're looking at probably 2-3 2013 ... higher prices are expected to add another 3 to 4 dollars to a $100 dollar grocery bill. that's two years' impact from what tommy bowles is seeing today.should be beans in this area here, you don't see anything. nothing but dry dirt. bowles says if there's no rain in two weeks, his beans will be worthless... with the next crop one year's in your blood, you like what you do and you can't wait to get up every morning and go do it, but it hurts right now, it hurts.(stand up) tommy bowles says if he had to guess, he would estimate an 80 percent crop loss this year. in fact, his only certainty is that of the 6300 across that he farms, these are the only 13 acres
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that are gree. he irrigates them for a corn maze in the fall, and as of right now, they are the crop that he'll have. emily loveville, maryland. -----end----- cnn.script----- a country star say no to american idol. idol.nats. nats. in our 6 o'clock hour... why toby keith says he can't commit to being a judge on the . show.but first...veteran tackle bryant mckinney finally reports to training camp.the bizarre story behind him being four days late! ((break 3)) 3
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i'm one of six children that my mother raised by herself, and so college was a dream when i was a kid.


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